Motorhome owners, a checklist before driving off

If you ask any motorhome owner, they will all have different experiences about what to do before driving off. Some may even have stories of things they forgot and sometimes these ‘things’ can be costly – like leaving the vents open or the still having the satellite dish up when driving off. To help remind us of what we need to do before driving off in our motorhome, I have written a checklist to remind us before we drive off in KEN. 

Feel free to download the PDF from this link: Before driving off checklist

I hope you find it useful – and if you have anything else to add please drop a comment below





  1. That checklist is great… As a newbie I could do with 2 more lol
    What to do when setting up onsite with ehu and another for off grid (with an inverter)

    1. Good idea, I will have a go at writing something along those lines.
      Thanks for the feedback and I am glad you like the checklist.
      Happy motorhoming!

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