Our motorhome trips

We have always loved travelling and over the years Chris and I have been lucky enough to visit so many countries across Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, 16 states across USA, Australia and New Zealand,  But many of our travels were in the days before blogging. Whilst I kept a diary and have endless photos, they do not provide the instant record that today’s technologies provide.

So when we bought our house in Spain, I decided it was time to start to capture our experiences. I hope that some of the lessons we learned may have been useful to others looking to start a new life in Spain.

When we bought KEN in 2020, I felt it was time to refresh this site and start to capture our motorhome trips. The first two were taken in rental vehicles, years ago, but hopefully over time we can start to add more trips and provide a nostalgic record for us, and possible some helpful hints for others.  I hope you enjoy looking at our trips.

We hope to tour Scandinavia and take KEN through Germany and Poland as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted and the world id a safer place. Where would you recommend we consider going next?  Please let me know your ideas.

France & Spain 2020

New Zealand 2011 Rugby World Cup

France 2007 Rugby World Cup

Thanks and here’s to future motorhoming trips