Our Travels

Leaving the airport ready for another destination

Although we love our ‘Casa Goodwin’ in Monda, we do love travelling. We have been lucky enough to visit many countries around the world, but never captured our trips in detail other than a few photos gathering dust on the old shelves or on the virtual cabinets of the ‘cloud’ storage.

So I have decided to try and dedicate this section as our travel blog.  Over time I will try and populate with some of the historical trips we have taken, but for now I intend to focus on our big USA trip.

Here is a tip you may find useful when travelling, when you leave a car at an airport car park take a photo of its location. It’s a quick and easy way to remind you on your return where you parked your car.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and if you are travelling to the regions find them useful.

Happy travels,