Slovakia, Austria & Switzerland

A rail trip through this region of Europe

Autumn 2019, we had a few days planned away to celebrate the 50th birthday of our Slovakian friend in her home country. As we hadn’t visited this country before, we decided to take in a bit of a tour and visit other countries, via boat and train. It was a wonderful trip – just a shame that the weather wasn’t its finest for some of the time!!

Briefly, our trip lasting 10 days included:

  • Flying from Malaga in Spain to Bratislava in Slovakia
  • The next day taking the train to Zariva
  • A few days walking around the mountains and experiencing some traditional Slovakian hospitality.
  • Train back to Bratislava to explore the city
  • Cruise up the river Danube to Vienna, Austria
  • A day visiting Vienna and tasing a wonderful veal schnitzel
  • Taking the train to Salzburg where we would stay for two nights including touring Salzburg on foot and a Sound of Music tour
  • Train from Salzburg to Zurich in Switzerland, on what is one the most spectacular train journeys in Europe, through the Alps.
  • Flight back to London, onward train to our home in Leicestershire, in the UK

The trip was a wonderful experience taking us to places off the beaten track and travelling by rail gave us more of an insight into the region and some great views.  Details of the specific stages of our trip are covered in the various blogs.

It was a great trip, unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind so we missed out on some wonderful views or so I am told.

So here is to the next adventure.