Our Motorhome KEN

For years we have thought about owning a motorhome or a caravan and in 2020 we finally decided the time was right.  KEN is an Adria Adriatik, 650SP Coral motorhome, built in 2005 on a Fiat Ducato with a 2.8 diesel engine.

KEN – Our motorhome

KEN was our name for the motorhome, it seemed fitting, after we put my late father’s personal number plate on the motorhome, the name was set and it was a fitting tribute for my Dad, who had always loved travelling. 

KEN had only one previous family owner and had spent a lot of time travelling and living in Europe. Hence the left hand drive model, which appealed to us as we wanted to do the same. We do hope to tour our own country, but having owned left hand drive cars in the UK before we were not worried about ‘driving on the wrong side of the road’!!

The inside of KEN – We wanted a sitting area which was available if one of us was still in the bed!

We had agonised over whether to buy a motorhome or a caravan, there are pros and cons for both. But what clinched the motorhome for us was the freedom (especially in Europe) where you can stay at aires (motorhome sites) often for free and without having to pre-book. Caravans require you to book in advance and turn up by (and not leave before) a certain time. We didn’t want those restrictions.

We had hired motorhomes on two occasions in the past; one in France for the rugby world cup in 2007 and one in New Zealand for the rugby world cup in 2011. (We are big rugby fans, as well as travelling it is another one of our passions, so it was great to combine both). Renting in the past had given us an insight into the style of motorhome we would want should we ever own one.

So we are now the happy owners of KEN and this website, we hope, will provide a forum for us to capture and share our adventures over the coming months and years.

Please pop any comments below or suggestions as to how we might enjoy our experiences in KEN.

Bye for now




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