Buying a motorhome

Buying a motorhome that is right for you

Buying a motorhome is a massive purchase and as such should not be done on a whim. There are so many things to consider to ensure that you make the right decision for you. You need to think about the style of motorhome you want and why. Then consider how you will buy the motorhome – privately or through a dealer.

Choose the motorhome you want

Consider the layout, bathroom, storage and seating arrangements that will be right for you. Consider the size of the vehicle you are happy to drive, where will you store it and is the fuel economy right for you? The areas we considered in helping us determine which model and style would be right for us can be found on the choosing a motorhome blog post.

View and buy your motorhome

Through a dealer or privately?  A dealer will probably give you a level of warranty and assurance, but buying privately can save you potentially a few thousand pounds.

View loads and loads!!! Get a feel for what will be right for you.

Check out this blog post which may be of interest when buying a motorhome.

Habitation checks

Get a habitation check before you buy. We looked at one motorhome and I was worried about damp. The seller agreed to get a hab check and it showed up some serious problems that she would have to repair before selling. If you do not a hab check then look at the areas that are covered in a hab check and try not to get too focused on how lovely the motorhome looks inside!

Hire a motorhome before you buy!

Ideally hire a couple of times before you buy any motorhome. This will give you the experience and confirm that motorhoming is for you. It will also give you the knowledge to know what compromises you are prepared to make and what are the ‘must haves’ for you.

I hope these ideas are useful if you are thinking of buying a motorhome. If you own one, what other points would you add in that I have maybe omitted??

Bye or (buy!!) for now



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