Day 2: Aguilas to Ametlla, Tarragona, Catalonia

3rd September 2023

530 kms

We past more unspoilt beaches and areas for wildcamping, but we had a World Cup to get to so had to move on.

En-route we past so many castles, reminding us of the battles Spain has had over the centuries.

One stunning cast ewe could see as we drove past was Atalaya Castle, at Villena, This spectacular fortress was built by the Almohad Empire at the end of the twelfth century, as a refuge for the Muslim population of Villena

Another castle we past was at Alcalà de Xivert. The castle occupied a strong position for the control of the routes along the Mediterranean coast. A Moorish castle that was captured by James I of Aragon in 1234, who resettled the place with Christian villagers.

We knew we had a long drive, but with two nights at Camping Ametlla, to explore the area we would be able to stretch our legs.

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