Songs on our journey around 13 states

Around the States in songs

So, we are nearly ready to go, after 12 months of planning we shall soon be on the road.  Visiting so many fabulous, well known places across 13 states, I can hear the various iconic songs as we dream about the trip, which includes:

“Chicago” The Musical

“Salt Lake City” by The Beach Boys

“I’m going to Jackson” by Johnny Cash

“Yellowstone” by John Denver

“Deadwood Stage” from Calamity Jane

The various Route 66 songs including one from Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones

“Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis

“California Dreaming” by the Beach Boys

“Sitting on the dock of the Bay’ by Otis Reading

“Blue Hawaii” by Bing Crosby

These are just a few that spring to mind, but as we head off on our journey I will try to add to this list – any suggestions???

Happy listening …



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