On our way, well nearly . . .

We have left Casa Goodwin in Spain and made our way to our home in the UK, unfortunately it is having major building work done as part of an extension, so our home in the UK is more like a building site.

However, we have managed to stay a couple of nights here and visited our local village pub last night.  We have packed the last minute things for our big trip and we will be setting off shortly to drive to London Heathrow Airport.  Like many people travelling out of that huge airport on an early morning flight, we will be checking into an airport hotel and getting a deal on long stay parking as part of the package.  There is no way I would risk the M25 or M4 around London and Heathrow in the morning if I have a flight to catch. Any other travellers around this area will know what I mean.  The UK calls the M25 (the London ring road motorway) a car park for very good reason!!!

Let’s hope our journey down on a Friday lunchtime is non-eventful!

Just before leaving I planned to check-in online – BA says I can do this 24 hours before my flight.  But, no – it won’t let me, it says there is a problem and I have to check in at the desk tomorrow morning.  Maybe it is because they want to give me an upgrade (haha) – more likely problem with technology at my end.  We will see.  I am sure this won’t be the last of things that ‘just don’t go to plan’.

Will be in touch . . .




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