Keeping in touch for 34 days in USA

So we will be away for 34 days in the USA, so how will we keep in touch with emails, phones, What’sApps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texts as well as the general news?

Whilst I know many cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels will have wifi, where we can use out electronic devices, we need to have our own systems because we will be in the car for many hours.  So below is a list of all the devices I will be taking and how we plan to stay in touch.

Communication devices

As I am a modern girl and would be lost without my Smart Phone, Ipad and Laptop so all my usual items will be travelling with me.  My list includes:

My UK Iphone so people with my number can call me.  I have spoken to my cell (mobile) phone provider and arranged for a package of calls and texts whilst in USA.  I do not plan to use this phone for data roaming unless in an emergency.

My unlocked old iphone 6 – I have arranged for a USA sim card to use for voice calling people in the US and for data roaming.  It will be a cheaper way to use a phone when in the USA and will help for any Google maps and directions on our tour.

My huawei mobile wifi which will allow our UK iphones, ipad and Laptop to connect when we are on the road and not in a wifi area.  Like my unlocked phone, I have bought a data sim card from World Sim for data roaming whilst in the USA.  This works out cheaper than using my UK data packages.  Whilst there may well be cheaper SIM card packages once we get to the USA, I felt I needed to be set up straight away and did not want to spend half a day searching for a SIM card once in Chicago.  Hopefully this SIM card will do the business, looking at the reviews and their online support I am sure I will be fine – updates to follow!

My ipad – mainly to watch films and be a back up should one of us want a computer.  We will be travelling a lot and whilst I know there are plenty of TV channels in the USA, it will be good to watch some of my favourite dramas and films whilst travelling.  I have already downloaded a selection of programmes to catch up on once we leave the UK.

My Laptop – my trusty Macbook air – it is so light and was made for travelling, yet the keyboard does not feel small.  I will be using this to upload blog and video blogs and to edit our daily video dash cam.  I will also be using this to keep in touch with clients and handle any work as necessary whilst away for such a long time.

Our new ‘Dash Cam’ – bought for Chris from some great friends in the UK as a birthday present, we will be recording every aspect of this road trip.  All 4,000 miles will be captured and then I will have the daily task of downloading and editing as relevant.  With some amazing views we wanted to be able to recall these special memories.

Battery back up for USB devices – well with so much relying on technology it will be important that I can have an emergency back up to charge these devices should the need arise.

A car USB charger – for the same reason as above!

A UK USB 4 socket extension lead – rather than take loads of USA plug adapters, I intent to use a UK 4 socket extension lead which means I only need to plug into the one USA adapter.  The extension lead also has 2 USB sockets so I will need less UK plugs – well that is the plan.

As well as the items, I need to pack all the chargers for the above devices – so no clothes packed as yet, but technology items all sorted which will allow us to keep in touch.

Speak soon . . .



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