Day 16 – Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Hoover Dam

Today’s first attraction was to the Hoover Dam. Completed in 1935 designed to block the Colorado River and provide low cost electricity to the region, it’s amongst the tallest dams ever built. At 760ft high it is made of enough concrete to build a two lane highway from the West Coast to New York – that’s more than Route 66!

The Colorado Rover has featured so much on our trip, it has been present in so many locations. From the early sites of the small tributaries in the mountain views on the train to the muddy, snaking river we could see in the distance at the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead

What a beautiful oasis outside of Las Vegas. Marinas, boat trips, swimming beach areas – this was my sort of place. It was lovely to see children playing in the crystal clear water. The wind created waves and made me think of the ocean that will be seeing once we get to San Francisco.

Unfortunately, we only had time for a picnic lunch and to dip a toe in the warm water before heading back into Vegas for tonight’s pre-booked Elvis tribute show.

More on Vegas in a separate blog.

Goodbye Arizona, tomorrow California


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