Buying our finca

Having conducted all the relevant legal paperwork, we flew over from England to complete the sale.  Actually we didn’t need to be there as we had given our solicitor power of attorney.  However, we did need to sign our Spanish wills and it made sense to do that at the same visit to the notary.  Anyway, we were like a pair of children and wanted to get the keys to our “new house” and see it again as soon as possible.

Before the notary office and final signing we were advised by our solicitor to go over and check the house was as we had anticipated – again not something that you do in the UK – but we wanted to stop comparing life to the UK and start to accept how things are done around here.

So we checked out the house, all was ok the furniture and white goods we had agreed would be left were there so then made our way to the notary offiice on our way to become homeowners in Spain.

Also, the owner had kindly left lighting in every room, even if much of it was lights dangling from wires, at least we could see!

We then made our way to the notary office in Coin to complete the purchase of our finca.

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