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Setting up a post box in Spain

Having bought a finca in the campo we needed an address to advise the utility companies, the tax authorities, the bank and anyone else who might want to write to us.  Unfortunately, post… Continue reading

Writing a spanish will

Like most people we wondered if we needed a Spanish will or not?  I cannot give you advise, but would say It will depend on what assets you have in Spain.  The general… Continue reading

Signing at the notary office

At the notary office in Coin, Malaga Well it was a bizarre, but enjoyable experience.   Our nearest notary to the property is in Coin, the nearest big town to our finca.  So… Continue reading

Buying our finca

Having conducted all the relevant legal paperwork, we flew over from England to complete the sale.  Actually we didn’t need to be there as we had given our solicitor power of attorney.  However,… Continue reading

Using a notary

Will you need to use a notary when buying a property in Spain? Yes! The completion of all purchases:sales on properties takes place in front of a third party notary.  The owner and… Continue reading

Using a lawyer in Spain

If you are buying a property in Spain then I would recommend you have a professional handle the purchase for you.  We had planned to buy a property a few months earlier and… Continue reading

Get a survey done before you buy a property in Spain

Do I need a survey if I am buying a place in Spain? Well the answer is it is up to you.  If you are not taking out a mortgage there will be… Continue reading

Using Estate Agents in Costa del Sol, Spain

Using Estate Agents in Costa del Sol, Spain I have spent the last few months planning to buy a place in Spain, this blog covers some thoughts about using estate agents in Spain… Continue reading

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